Greetings from a soggy Texas….


Radar map of the DFW area...

It has been raining all day because of tropical storms that are coming up from Mexico. The radio says the area is getting between 2 and 6 inches of rain.

Driving to and from work was slower then normal, but not too bad – did not get stuck in any stop and go traffic. It is amazing to see people tailgating in the rain on slippery roads – guess they are in a hurry… The rain is expected to end tonight and tomorrow should be dry and cold… low in the 40’s – highs in upper 60’s….

Season 2 of Project Catwalk is still downloading – very slowly… The download speed goes from 0.0 KB to 25.KB very erratically – so with some luck it will finish sometime this week…. In the meantime I will have to be happy with Project Runway Australia…

Last weekend I purchased an expensive sweater on www.Macys.com and it arrived today. John was less then thrilled with my purchase…. Oh well…. I wanted something nice to wear when the weather is cool….

When I walked in the door tonight, Prince was prancing around with his chicken hat on…. It made me giggle that John quickly put it on Prince when he saw my arrival…..

John checked the various gay campgrounds out that are within easy driving distance from Dallas and found something wrong with each one. One had a bridge leading to it with weight restrictions, one was very dusty and one featured a room with mattresses on pallets and naked bears….. Sooo… gay campgrounds are out of the picture.. will have to plan to go camping somewhere else… I want to see the Alamo….. but that is a bit far for a weekend trip… maybe….

Not much else going on …. Mary Queen of Shops will be on BBC America in a bit… Watched it last week and enjoyed it (John not so much)….. so hoping this week will be good as well.. Mary goes to crappy clothing stores in the UK and helps them turn their business around… Kinda like Gordon Ramsey does for restaurants….

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