Hello all, John here…

Yeah, I know it’s been a while–  I been a little busy.  I think we have things pretty well settled here in West Des Moines, though I keep finding little projects to do.

Today was Re-Key day.  Yesterday I was at Menards searching for sliding door hardware for one of the other tenants, and wondered into the lock isle.  We have been contemplating having the building re-keyed, and realized we needed more than just new keys, but the door hardware on the exterior doors was quite dated and beat up.  Add to it a troublesome lock on the lower back door, and it made sense to just swap out all three locks.  I found 3 keyed alike Shalge locks reasonably priced, so I grabbed them and had enough keys made up for all the tenants.  I distributed keys last night, and changed out the 3 locks this AM.  All went well, and I think I solved the back door issue, as well as increased the security on the building.


The security issue came to light yesterday when a couple Mormon missionaries stopped by.  Granted, they could have been let in by one of the other tenants, but I think they walked in the back door, as I was sitting on the sofa when they knocked on our apartment door, and I would have heard the door buzzer, if not seen them walk up the sidewalk.  Couple adorable kids, I hated to “speak sternly” but explained that if I caught them in my building again uninvited they would be trespassing.  One started to throw some lip, but was quickly shut down by a glance from the other.  Ugh.   Poor kids, I wish they only knew there was more too the world…

So I spent the better part of yesterday running around searching for hardware…  Couldn’t find what I needed.  The brainiac who spec’ed this RENTAL property with casement windows needs a good swift kick in the ass.  Seems I’l have to find an internet provider to replace the many stripped cranks.  For now, I pulled two from our unit to replace in another…  We should really look into replacement windows, as the 30 year old wood casement windows have seen there better days.

I fixed a few other issues the tenant had, and then met her later to explain the new locks and that the one window would simply need to be left closed for now, and we would be looking into how to repair or replace it in the future…

Tuesday, I was ambitious and decided it was antenna day.    Spent all day on the roof, installed a 3 foot tripod, and mounted the Diamond BB7V HF antenna that we carried in the motorhome, as well as a Larson mobile mount 2m/440 antenna.  Yes, I know they are compromise antennas, but they will get me on the air…  I haven’t played around too much yet with them, but hopefully I’ll catch the RARA net this weekend…


Other than that, things are slowly becoming normal here.  IT was nice to have this week off school, though I fear next week is going to be a rude awakening.  I have two classes I know very little about.  Object Orientated Programing, which is Visual Basic .net, and I also have a graphic design class.  The OOP class is a requirement, and I am not overly thrilled with having to take it, but it will be good to learn.  The Graphic Design class is one of my last electives, and have long wanted to see if I had any graphic talents.  Both look like they will be time consuming and a lot of work, especially since I won’t be able to fall back on my past experience as much in either.

Finals went OK, I always get nervous with tests, and these were no different.  It worked out well that I was able to test while Derek was gone.  For me sitting still for 3 and a half hours is a big enough challenge, let alone having other distractions here.  I’ll post more about my grades and how the classes went after I get my grades back, as I don’t want to jinx anything yet!

Today my last book arrived, I find it very strange that the GD class doesn’t have eBooks, and even more so irritated that the software they use is Adobe, and it isn’t free, in fact, the student price, even at 1/4 of retail was still over $400.00, just for software.  Of course I could use the Citrix server, but that has two major disadvantages, one being it is slow as all hell, and two, I don’t like putting my grade in jeopardy of a server being available, especially when it is regularly down or overloaded.

OK then, I am off to watch TV! Have a great evening.


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