Greetings from a nice fall day in West Des Moines, IA.

Work on the apartment continues.  The kitchen cabinets arrived on Sunday afternoon – few hours before John’s Dad (John, Sr. ) and Betsy arrived.  We have them staying in our RV at a nearby campground.  Think it is working out well – gives them some alone time in the evenings.  This is the first time we have had someone else staying in the RV – think it bothers John more then I.

We got started working on the apartment on Monday morning.  Began by going to Lowe’s and talking with their cabinet guy (Eric) to make sure the cabinets we ordered will work out.  We ended up having to exchange some, get some new ones and swap out the pantry cabinets because it was damaged.  We then picked out some stock counter tops, but had to go to another Lowe’s to obtain end caps for them.  So I ended up running around town in John Sr.’s truck while they continued working.  By the end of Monday we had the upper cabinets in place.

We started off Tuesday morning with breakfast at Hy-Vee and then another trip to Lowe’s to exchange more cabinets, pick out kitchen sink/faucet, pick out bathroom vanity, vanity top and faucet.  Went with Delta faucets for both because they are serviceable and Delta often will mail you free parts if something goes wrong with them.  Also purchased plumbing parts to connect the new sinks to the existing water supplies.  It is amazing how long it takes to pick things out and get out of Lowe’s.  Eric and the plumbing department at Lowe’s were very helpful – they ran around making sure we obtained everything we needed to get the various projects done.

Today we ripped the old kitchen cabinets out and have most new lower cabinets in place.  John, Sr. was nice enough to cut the old cabinets into small 18″ pieces that would fit in the garbage totes.  This way was able to dispose of them without paying extra.  Have the new counter tops dry fitted in place – will connect in the morning after the new dishwasher is connected.

Forgot to mention that Home Depot delivered the new appliances today.  When I purchased the microwave I had purchased the installation kit for it – which included installation by the delivery guy.  Took him 10 minutes to get the new microwave in place – John Sr. was happy to not have to install it himself.

Here’s some pictures from the past two days.

IMG_5117.jpg IMG_5122.JPG






 Tomorrow will be another busy day – plan to get the kitchen cabinets, counter top, plumbing and dishwasher all completed.  Then hope to have the bathroom vanity installed.  Betsy and I are still doctoring up the bathroom walls.  We want to have the walls painted before the new vanity gets installed – so sanding/painting in the bathroom will be my first task in the morning.

We are still on track to having everything except the flooring completed by this weekend. The flooring guy can then get all of the flooring done next Monday and Tuesday.  Then a “For Rent” sign will go up on Wednesday.  Will be interesting to see if it goes as planned.

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