Our cat, Prince, is a “Heat Slut” – we have the radiant space heater on and he has been resting by it for the last hour. He really likes to soak up the heat when it is cool out. Right now it is raining out and the temps are in the lower 50’s…..

It was really nice being able to spend the weekend with Scott. He makes a yummy Triscuit with ham and cheese treat 🙂 He announced that he will be relocating to Tuscon, AZ in the next month or so… Perhaps we can entice him to come to St. Louis in the Sprint… The RV seems empty without him tonight…… 🙁

The food at the Four Seasons Chinese restaurant was delicious. I had pot stickers as an appetizer and then my main entre was vegetables with scallops that was stir fried in a spicy hot sauce – yummy!! John had his favorite – General Tso’s Chicken. Now I need to talk John into going to my favorite Indian restaurant…

John and Scott went to the Apple store and Best Buy before meeting Paul at Del Taco for lunch. Now John has the hots for a new Apple computer – I guess my PowerBook G4 is not good enough for him… A new PowerBook would be nice – being able to run OS X and Windows at full speed on the same machine is very enticing. Apple’s new operating system (OS X Leopard) is being released this coming Friday – so this weekend I hope to pick up a copy and get it installed.

I had a working lunch today and they brought in food (pizza and salad) – so I ended up working a 10 hour day. I spent most of the time working on a new project – so the time went by quickly. The developer I share a cube with will be working for home for the next few days, so I get the work area to myself… which is no big deal because it is nice having someone around to talk to during the day.

Not much going on….

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