Hello all, John here.

Nothing much going on in Livermore… So I’ll fill you in on the mundane details of the day…

Yesterday I got my American Family bill for the truck Insurance. I have been a Loyal customer of AmFam literally since I was 16. Even as a teenager, I had a pretty clean record, and for the last 15 years it has been a perfect driving record, aside from one accident in 1998 that was not my fault (a girl ran a Stop Sign). So, I open this bill, expecting to see a couple dollar drop, but no, It went up $50.00/6 month policy. WTF? Fine, I’ll just call John (my agent) and say WTF… Well, couldn’t get a hold of him yesterday (not quite the response I was hoping for from a guy I have been paying for 18 years…), but his Daughter Annie called me back this AM. According to her, AmFam has chosen to go with a new rating system since Oct. 1, and there would be nothing they could do about it sans adjusting coverage. Of course I reminded her of my dedicated check witting ability, even when the competition was a few bucks cheaper. Nope, no deal. Unbelievable. SO, I sent out internet quotes to four or five companies, and amazing thing that they all came in AT LEAST $100.00/6 cheaper than my company did. One, Gieco, came in almost 200 less (yes, that is 1/2 of what AmFam wanted), for the SAME coverage. So, goes the story of loyalty, there is none anymore. If you want Loyalty from my anymore, it isn’t gonna happen, go get yourself a damn dog.

To after that exciting phone call, I decided today was as good as any to go check out the park we are thinking about moving to. Unfortunately, the manager was off today, and another girl was manning the office (Yes, they actually had a nice office, and someone to answer the phone all day). She was just as friendly as the manager was yesterday on the phone. I drove through the park, it was very well maintained, has 72 sites, of which about 1/2 are mobile homes, and the other 1/2 are newer 5th wheels and motor homes. No Junk, even the older trailers were painted and well kept up. Fairly new community “Hall” with laundry in back, all of which were new machines, and big dryers that looked properly vented. They were reasonably priced also at $1.00 a wash and $.25/10 mins dry, unlike here. They have a pool, and everything was blacktop/concrete sans the common community “Park” area. As we walked around several residents waved, and everyone seemed to like it there. Best of all, there were ZERO “yes” signs. Though, San Leandro may have a city ordinance because I did not see a single political yard sign in the town. So here’s my pro/con list:

It’s nicer
Nicer people
Clean facilities
More RV’s/RV’ers
In the city, not a industrial park
Closer to San Fran
Close to the bay
Right on a bus route
Closer to BART
Closer to shopping and other commercial stuff.
Close to Ship pier (Might get involved with USS Hornet Museum or Radio club)
No Tree’s

More Expensive
Pay as you go WATER (and Electric, but we have that here)
On the approach of Oakland field (Noise, but I kinda like planes…)
On The Am-Track line, Yes, ON the Line… as in 10 feet from the track.
Must take bus or drive to BART to get Derek to work
No free Bus Pass, must pay BART.
No Tree’s

Pro’s for here:
I like one neighbor.
Free Bus Pass for Derek.
Finally got the DSL to work.
Lots of tree’s

Bigot ville
Manager is a BEOTCH.
Trashy park, nothing has been touched since 1950
Right next to the interstate.
Tight spots, hard to set up, loose gravel, we are constantly sinking.
Lots of Tree’s.

Ok, So I listed Tree’s as a con and a pro, See, I like looking at them, and being shaded by them, but short of that, to an RV’er they are mostly just a PAIN IN THE ASS. They drop shit, they shed leaves, the birds sit in them and shit on our camper. The bottom line is they block the satellite signal. But, they do help keep the cooling cost down from the sun.

And I am sure you noticed, the biggest problem is that we are on a waiting list, with not a lot of hope that we will beable to move there next month. We are 4th in line, but as the office girl said to day “Well, I think she put a star by your name though.” “So, what does that mean.” “Well, I think it means you made a good impression on her, and she feels that you would be a good addition to this park.” So, there is some hope. Now, there are two sites open, one is being renovated (they are dismantling an old trailer on site), and the other they leave open for “Daily Stays” So, I am thinking we got a pretty good chance, though I hope it comes before the 1st because I would rather NOT pay another month here. One would think I would learn… The Cheap Place isn’t as easy as I think to “Make it work”. This will be the 3rd time I have really missed the mark… FL, SC, and now here…

So, we will see. Derek may Veto this and say it’s too much money anyhow…

OK, Moving on… Yes, your gonna get hit with “Please Vote NO on Prop 8” again. Seems we are still lagging behind in the polls on an incredibly tight race. I read today that both sides are complaining about stolen signs and such. I also ran across this on Joe My God:

Gotta Love the balls on those Lesbians!

the complete story is on Joe My God

The next news clip I found on CBS5’s website, here’s the link: CBS 5
The story their is a short clip of the state school superintendent debunking the center of the “Yes on 8″‘s campaign. No, Gay Marriage will not be taught in schools, and Massachusetts has moved on, and doesn’t consider Gay Marriage any kind of an issue.

Here’s my take: This social issue has spent 50 MILLION dollars amongst both sides in a fight that is ridiculous. WE JUST WANT TO BE TREATED EQUALLY! Now think, what could we have constructively done with $50 MILLION Dollars instead of pissing it out the window on TV Ads?

So, Please vote NO on Prop 8, or whatever # stupid amendment your state has. Really, I don’t want you to marry me, and I certainly don’t want to get involved in your marriage, but I really would like it if I had the ability to marry the person I loved.

With that, Good Night.


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