Last evening I spent some time getting my CB radio connected in the Subaru again. Was not too big of a deal I just needed to put it in the front seat, plug it into the cigarette lighter plug and then connect the antenna. I want the CB so I can listen to it when I’m in bad traffic… This morning I got to listen to a truck driver say “All the ladies like to ride in my dump truck” – he kept repeating it every few minutes…. “All the LADIES like to ride in my dump truck”… It was kinda funny and irritating at the same time. “All the ladies like to RIDE in my dump truck”

We got our mail yesterday and it contained several catalogs from various electronic companies that sell ham radio equipment. It appears that the FCC sells the names of people who just received their licenses…. Several catalogs listed components to setup packet radio – much to John’s dismay. John is still unhappy that I’m going to get into Packet Radio….

Work is going fine – I’ve been working on programming that will be used for the project I was hired to do. Right now doing lots of “back end” programming so it does not look like much yet. A graphic designer is working on creating mock-ups of the user interface that we will probably get started on in a week or so. On Friday the recruiter who brought me to Tampa is taking me out for dinner – very nice of him.

John is getting into the swing of things with his job at the RV park here. Today he cleaned the same restrooms three times – I’m sure he will be much busier once most of the snow birds arrive in a few weeks. After cleaning he helped the maintenance crew paint picnic tables. I purchased a different coffee maker last weekend. My old coffee maker still worked – I just did not like how the coffee tasted out of the metal coffee pot. John gave it to the lady he works with. I’m glad someone can get some use out of it…

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