It was in the lower 40’s when I woke up this morning. The cool weather is great for sleeping, but not for getting out of bed and showering. John got up and turned the heat pump on so by the time I got up it was nice and warm in here. To help with the heating situation, John purchased a digital thermostat and installed it in the bed room to control the back furnace. The thermostat is programmed to maintain a certain temperature at a certain time of the day. As long as it is programmed correctly, I should wake up to warmth tomorrow morning.


Nice Mud Flaps, John!

As promised, I took a picture of the back of the RV where John worked on the back mud flap yesterday:

This is a picture of our motor home at our new site. The grey box in front an electrical distribution box. When you are outside you can hear it hum. The distribution box is not exactly ideal, but we don’t have to worry about having another RV park right next to us.


Home Sweet Home

For supper, John prepared split-pea soup and it was soooo yummy!! He started making it at 1:00pm today and it was done by 5:00pm. It was very thick and full of ham flavor – it was very filling. I was full after the first bowl…. It was a great way to use some of the ham left over from last weekend. I believe the soup is in the realm of being healthy….

I was adventurous enough to step on the scale this morning and I’m now down 11 pounds from my starting weight. I’m tryng to be extra good and careful with what I eat to compensate for last weekend – it seems to be working….

During my lunch break, I talked to John on the phone about iPhones. I want one, but we have decided to wait until Verizon offers it. I’ve read lots of blog postings and reviews that say the AT&T data network is dismal, at best and we don’t need to sign up with another carrier. We currently have Verizon for out phone and Sprint for internet.

There is a new report that says Verizon will be refunding the cost of the wireless pc card to users that they terminated due to excessive usage. We are on the 13,000+ accounts that Verizon terminated, so we should be getting a check from them. Click here to check out the press release. John said that Verizon must have terminated and pissed off the wrong person in New York. John called Verizon and they were not able to confirm that we are on the refund list, but they told him that the checks will be mailed out in the next 60 days….

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