Greetings from a nice fall evening in Wisconsin.

The nice weather is not going to last because a nasty wind storm is coming this way.  The local paper says tonight the wind is going to increase to a consistent 40 mph with gusts up to 60 mph.  They are calling it the “fiercest storm in 12 years“.  It will be an interesting commute to work in the morning..

John was able to get last weekend off of work – so we both headed down to see my parents this weekend.  We left Milwaukee by 5:00pm on Friday and made it to Thomson, IL by 9:00pm.  We made a quick stop for supper on the way down and gas, but still made decent time.

On Saturday morning we got up and meet up with Mom and Dad at the farmers market in Clinton, IA.  The weather was not cooperating at all – was pouring down rain until around 10:00am.  There was not nearly as many customers as normal 🙁  Here’s a few pictures:


Dad at the farmers market. It was pouring down rain at first


Mom staying dry under the canopy


Veggies all lined up for sale - tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and more...


Assorted squash and gourds

Once the rain stopped a few more people came out to the market – so Mom and Dad ended up doing OK…  John and left the market around 11:00 am and went for a drive.  We checked out the Timer Lake Campground.  It is a nice campground with lots of amenities like swimming pool, recreation hall, rec room and general store.  The lady in the office said that they fill up quickly over the summer and that we would need to make reservations now for next year.  We don’t know where we will be in two weeks – so we can’t really plan ahead for next year.

We made it back to my parents house by early afternoon and spent the afternoon doing “farm stuff”.  Here’s a few pictures:


Painted pumpkins at the stand


Pumpkins all lined up for sale


Mom's cats all snuggled up in their nest

Prince was complete spooked out by being at a strange place again.  He stayed locked up in the basement bedroom – otherwise he would crawl under something and not be seen again.  I carried him upstairs in my arms and he growled and hissed at Mom’s cats. He never behaves this way.  I assume he feels that he is invading the other cat’s lair and needs to come across as a mean pussy… It was kinda funny to see..

On Saturday evening we went out to eat with Mom and Dat at Rastrelli’s Resturant back in Clinton, IA.  It is my favorite restaurant to go to when I visit.  They serve italian food with a really yummy salad bar.  I had a wild mushroom raviolli with sundried tomatoes – it was really good.  It was a nice evening out!

Then on Sunday morning we had breakfast, did a few things around the farm and left around 10:30am.  John likes to get an early start back on Sunday’s where ever we are at.  Camping, visiting family it does not matter – he get antsy and insists on hitting the road as soon as possible.  I prefer to leave in the early afternoon… but oh well…

The trip back was uneventful – got back to Milwaukee by 3:00pm.  John spent some time installing a new ignition board on the water heater.  The electric heat was working, but the propane part would not work, until the new board was in place.  So with some luck, the water heater should be as good as new…

Today I had a long day at work.  I have several projects that are going live in the next two weeks and they all want some last minute changes made to them.  So, I have more programming to complete then I have time for.  Have been working with my manager to make sure I know what my priority should be.  With some luck, I will be staying late on Wednesday to assist with the move to production for one of the smaller apps.

Not much else going on… going to do some computer stuff, watch tv, read nook and then fall asleep…

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