Greetings from yet another warm fall day in Iowa…

Temps got up to 75 out today, but this evening you can tell there is a front coming in… starting to get cloudy and the wind is changing directions…. tomorrow will only get up to 55 out…. got my heavy flannel shirt ready….

A new DSL modem arrived today from Qwest. It took John 45 minutes to get it up and running. He needed to call technical support and ended up using my laptop to get it initialized. For some reason it did not like John’s…. even though we both have MacBook Pro’s with the same version of OS X Lion running on them…. Before the new modem arrived we were keeping the old one cool by using a desk fan:


Keeping the DSL modem cool... it worked...

After work went out for my daily “leaf duty” of sweeping them out of the back stairwell:


Not too many tonight but want to keep the stairs clear

Then took all of the garbage and recycling totes to the curb.  Had lots of extra items like 20 bags of lawn refuse, three satellite dishes and some old toys.  John even came out to help me move all of this to the curb:


Pile of stuff all set to be moved to the curb


All set for the garbage people... hope they take it all...

The forecast for this coming Saturday looks decent with a high in the low 60’s – so hope to get more lawn work done.  Mainly need to clear out more crappy overgrown plants….  Should start watching landscaping shows on HGTV to get ideas for this Spring.

John and I had a conversation during our lunch break about painting the hallway and replacing the “Brady Bunch” flooring.  We will do this once it becomes too cold outside for yard work.  Initial plan is for me to do the painting and then we will work together to replace the linoleum by the doors with some sort of tile flooring.  Final step will be to purchase new carpeting and have it professionally installed.  Think we should get an idea of what flooring color to go with so I can pick out complementary paint colors that match.  I’ve spent a month watching teams of Australians paint, so think I can get the job done.  Getting the hallways spruced up will make a big difference here…  The current dirty white walls with brown/orange carpeting feels worn and tired… not unlike myself after spending the day doing yard work…

John received a call from the small engine repair shop he dropped the pressure washer off at.  They said the carburetor is beyond repair and it could cost more then it is worth to obtain a replacement.  John went and picked it up.  He ended up paying them $27.00 for looking at it.  He was not too impressed that they did not even put it back together – it was in a pile of parts…..  He has posted it on Craigs list in “as-is” condition in hopes that someone would want it for the parts…  So we will probably just rent one from Homo Depot when we get around to power washing the dirt, dead bugs and spider webs of the building.  I’m hoping the removal of the old shrubbery and keeping the leaves picked up will help reduce the amount of spiders and bugs around the building.

Not much else going on… heading off to play some Warcraft, organize stuff in the apartment and watch some X-Factor Australia.

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