I solved a little mystery today. For the last week I have noticed that my pants have been getting black streaks on the right leg on my way to work. At first I thought I was brushing against the car door and getting road grime, but my door is not that dirty. I usually forget to think about what is causing the stain, until after I get one, but today I was very careful about getting out of the RV and into the car. I determined that my pants are brushing against the bottom of the steering wheel when I get into the car. Once I got to work I called John and asked him to pick up a plain black steering wheel cover. This should keep my pants clean….

The digital thermostat worked like clock work and the furnace turned on at 6:00am. I asked John to change the programming so it waits until 6:30am to turn on because having the furnace turn on tends to wake me up… I need that extra 30 minutes of shut eye before listening to the furnace fan….

My work day went by fast. I have two project that I’m trying to get wrapped up this week and another project that I’m still in the planning stage with. As a result I have a constant stream of things to work on…. I like to be kept busy, so this is good…. Today was cold, windy and damp so he trip from my car to my desk seemed especially long….

John has decided that I have finally lost it because I ordered and received a software package that emulates the programming and operation of the “UNIVAC I” computer system. The UNIVAC was the first commercially available computer system. The first system was deleivered to the US Census Bureau in 1951. I’m interesting in seeing how it worked and how it was programmed. I hope to create some programs that run on the simulator. John thinks I should spend my time learning how to program something more modern that would further my career. He is probably right, but this falls into the realm of fun entertainment, not work…. There is not any Univac systems that are still in operating condition, so the simulator is the next best thing. The UNIVAC’s main system was about the size of our motor home, so I don’t think I will attempt to restore one anytime soon… 🙂

Picture of Univac Computer System

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