Greetings from great weather in Livermore, CA….

Today it was in the upper 70’s with clear skies… it was nice to spend time outside reading and etc.

I’ve been learning about a new computer programming technique for JavaScript called jQuery. It is a cool extension to the JavaScript language that lets you build highly interactive web sites much easier and with greater cross brower compatability then with JavaScript along. To help me learn, I purchased jQuery in Action book and have been going through it. I plan on using jQuery for my Morse Code web page and it also a nice resume builder…

On Thursday evening John filled out applications for the both of us for the new rv park. They wanted lots and lots of personal financial information. I had to print out my time sheets for the last two months… not much fun because right now I’m paid weekly… we even had to write checks for them to run credit checks on both of us. It seems like California laws make it difficult to evict tenants, so the landlords and rental offices want lots of information about you before you rent from them… it is a pain…. but we are on the nice rv parks list with a star next to our name… so with a little luck they will find a spot for us sooner then later…

We received an email from Bernie and Mike today… we’re starting to make plans for their brief visit with us in December… It will be nice to see and spend time with them again… Next weekend is the campout with the California Rainbow RV chapter. It will be great to get out of the trailer park and spend a few days with like minded people… One of the activities planned is pumpkin carving. I asked John to purchase me a pumpkin to carve and he gave me the evil eye… he’s not a fan of carving the pumpkins because of having to remove the slimy innards. I offered to remove the pumpkin guts for him… again he was not amused….

Not much else happening tonight… I’m off to read more of the jQuery book and work on the Morse Code web page….

The election signs in town are getting interesting… I’m starting to see Yes on Prop 8 signs that have been damaged, defaced and taken down… along with more vote No signs. I’m not sure how effective the “sign wars” actually is, but perhaps it gives people a reason to think about how devastating Prop. 8 would be to many people….

Tomorrow we are going to rent a Rug Doctor and clean the carpets in the motor home. We do this at least once a year. John read about how people are using liquid Tide instead of the expensive rug shampoo sold by Rug Doctor – so we will give it a try… Tide does a good job of cleaning clothing so why not carpeting… My only concern is that it does not leave a sticky residue on the carpeting when it dries… it shouldn’t…

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