Hello all, John here.

Derek is making me post. I really don’t have much to say… Bah…

Anyhow, leaving Texas, which is a good thing right now. I am certainly not saying I dislike Texas, especially since there is so much of it we haven’t seen. However, I can say the DFW area is not my favorite place on earth. We really haven’t had anything overtly negative, but most of the dissatisfaction comes from the realm of peoples attitudes, We call it the “Me First” attitude. It is in all the locals, from how they interact in business, to how they drive, to even how they act in public. Derek thinks it is stemmed from the over abundance of pure capitalism here, and the corporate greed that is so evident… Maybe…

Keeping up with the theme of things we will miss, I will add #2 Whataburger! Awesome chain, quick service for an up scale fast food joint, and good (but not good for you) food.

Of course keeping with our current trend, we meet the “Cool Kids” just as we are leaving the area. Dinner with Austin and Tommy, and just today I met some neat people in the park… Why does this always happen? Hmm…

Going back to Saint Louis is a good thing, almost like going home Again! Lots of our friends there, and it is close to WI and IL. Financially it is a really good decision, and even mentally I think it will get us back on an even keel. We will be returning to Saint Louis RV Park. I have talked with the owner, and she seemed quite excited we were headed back, and offered a work camping spot right away, which is good. This will be the Third time I have worked for them. We even got our old site back, so that is even better! Down side is defiantly the cold winter, but we have dealt with it twice before!



Here is a picture of the last winter we were there on a record snowfall…

I am sure in 4 months I am gonna regret this! 🙂 But really it will be super nice to be back in familiar land!

Alright, that’s all I got. Hope all is right with you and have a great evening!


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