I completed my first 10 hour work day with no problem. I left the motor home at 6:45 and was surprised to find I-5 all backed up with traffic – not sure why…. it took me 45 minutes to get to work. The traffic on the way home was pretty decent – made it home in 40 minutes.

After supper I worked on programming for the water system. So far the programming is going well – I hope to get it finished asap….

The weather was a bit warmer out today – right now at 9:15pm it is 70&deg outside.

Per the posting, I plan on getting EchoLink setup on my Macintosh. This will enable me to use my computer to connect to ham radio repeaters across the country. Using this technology we can talk to friends back in Wisconsin and Missouri on their ham radios. I will spend time over the weekend getting everything configured and etc. It will be interesting to see how well it works with our Verizon EVDO internet connection and etc… Watch our here comes KC9KEM…

John has tomorrow off (Friday) and Saturday off, but works on Sunday. Not sure what we are doing over the weekend, perhaps checkout another large flea market or just hang out at the RV park. The park here has an activity room where they have a dart board and two pool tables so perhaps we can spend time there….

Not much else going on….

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