The weather was really nice out again today so we went ahead with our plans to rent a Rug Doctor and clean the carpeting in the motor home. We rented the machine at Lowe’s along with the cleaning supplies. John decided not to try using Tide, so we purchased a gallon of Resolve professional strength carpet extraction cleaner for $10.00. The Rug Doctor cleaner was $16.00 a gallon. Resolve did a good job – John said he had to empty the dirty water in the machine about 20 times and the water was very black and dirty…. yuck!

I also cleaned all of the rugs outside while John was running the machine inside.. Most of the rugs were dry enough to bring in this evening, except for the big living room rug – it will come in tomorrow once the carpeting has dried all the way overnight. I also did our weekly loads of laundry.

I spent several hours sitting outside watching old tv shows and movies on my iPod touch. Today i watched several episodes of “What’s My Line” and “The Liberace Show” both were from 1954. One of the “What’s My Line” shows was sponsored by Remington Rand and the Univac computer system. It featured some footage of a Univac operating from the New York Computer Center… very cool! I’ve been these old shows from www.archive.org for free.. John refuses to watch anything that is in black and white, so I just load them on my iPod and watch them on the but or outside… his loss…

Tonight we went to Mountain Mike’s for salad bar and pizza. They were busier then we have seen them before and the overall theme was “crying Mexican baby” night, but the food was good.

Not much else going on… I’m starting to get organized for going to work in the morning and watching Dexter on Showtime…. he’s creepy….

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