Greetings from Texas… It rained most of last night and all of today…. It’s getting to be a real soggy mess here….


Sign on door today

My work day did not go anything like a normal Monday … I woke up a bit late, and hurried up to get though my beauty regime, dressed, eat some breakfast, kiss John good-bye and get myself to work. I showed up at work and noticed there were not many cars in the parking lot – figured everyone else was running a bit late also… Got to the back door and this sign was on the door:

I waited around for a few minutes and spoke to one of my coworkers and then called my consulting company. Consensus was that I should work from home today – so I went back to the RV. Working from home did not work out too well – I had problems “remoting in” to the corporate network and the battery on my laptop went dead. The power supply was at work – so no way to power up….. I then drove back to work around 1:00pm and still no power. I noticed that in the back of the building there were burn marks where the power and network cables enter – so my guess is that there was a lightening strike that did the damage … but just my guess…. So I spent the afternoon at home with John… Not at all like I planned for today…. John did not seemed overly thrilled to have me around – I felt like I was intruding on his personal time…. he went to the library and then another trip to the bank….

John also purchased another ham radio antenna today on eBay – a “super antenna” that will solve all his ham radio antenna problems… He said it got it at a good price so if it does not work – he can probably sell it again without loosing too much money… maybe…

I’m watching another episode of Project Runway Australia. I really like this show – the designers all have fun, strong personalities and the challenges are really difficult. The show has lots of energy and a fun spirit to it that Project Catwalk (UK version of Project Runway) does not have at all…. The contestants seem like they would be a really fun group to hang out with…. It is also fun listening to the different Australian accents – I’ve figured out how to talk like a real Australian – talk like you have a British accent but talk like you have a large marshmallow in the middle of your mouth… and say “No worries” alot…

My favorite contestant is Brent – a big bloke who looks like a rugby player – but instead sews and designs clothing:

Brent Zaicek from Project Runway Australia Season 1

Here is a YouTube clip from one of the shows:

Not much else going on… Hope the power is on at work tomorrow…

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