Greetings from a windy Milwaukee….

Going to be quick posting tonight – just got home from work at 9:30pm and my eyes are sore.  Can’t understand why… was just sitting in front of a computer monitor all day 🙂

As predicted, the wind has been really bad the last two days.  Having a constant wind at around 30 mph, then gusts up to 60 mph.  You see lots of items being blown around the area.  At the RV park most of the metal garbage barrels have blown over and rolled along the perimeter fence.  Hope none of them hit the MoHo…

When the really strong wind gusts hit the RV, you can feel it move from side to side – feels a bit like being on a boat.  The gusts also like to make the slide out awning vibrate really loud.  Watching TV on the Satellite dish is hit-or-miss because the wind rattles the dish too much and it looses signal…

Stayed late at work tonight because one of the smaller projects was moved into Production at 7:00pm.  I needed to be on hand in case something did not work when the business owners tested it.  Everything went fine – just a few minor things I need to review in the morning.  So – one project down and three more to go….  The next three are going to be a big pain until they are finish…. with some luck will have a major project being moved into Production next week….

That’s it… nice and short… my eyes are now very sore and tired.. time to relax and fall asleep….

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