Greetings from a cool fall day in Iowa.

Spent the weekend at my parents farm in Northwestern Illinois.  Went right after work on Friday and made it there by 9:30pm, with one stop at Culver’s for a quick supper – Pork tenderloin basket with onion rings – was just OK.

On Saturday morning went with them to the farmer’s market in Clinton, Iowa.  It was a cool morning and was happy to be wearing a winter coat and zip-up hoodie.  The wind would come up and make my ears cold.  Then it would die down and the sun would peak out enough to warm me up.  The market was not too busy but I helped wait on customers on and off.  They still have green beans, onions, squash, pumpkins, indian corn and tomatoes for sale.  My once-a-year at the farmer’s market ended up being fun.


Saturday afternoon we were back at the farm making sure their vegetable stand had enough items for sale on it.  Helped them pick some more tomatoes and pumpkins.  They had a steady stream of customers picking out pumpkins and other fall produce/decoration.



 This past week they had several nights of hard frost so anything that was not covered at night would freeze.  So at sunset they go around and cover things up and hope it does not get too windy.  They have a system down so I did not get too involved – just went around with them for moral support 🙂


 Saturday night we dined out at my favorite restaurant – Rastrelli’s.  Most of the places I went to as a kid in the Clinton, Iowa area are gone, but Rastrelli’s is still there.  They have one of the best salad bars I’ve ever been to, along with a really yummy meat sauce for their pasta.  A simple plate of spaghetti is really tasty.  I mixed things up and had the manicotti, was not disappointed.

Today I helped get the stand open, pick some apples for myself, and selected two little pumpkins – one for John and myself.  I decorated mine with some nice fall leaves:

IMG_5313.JPG IMG_5316.jpg

Headed back to West Des Moines shortly after lunch at 1:30pm.  Made it back home by 5:00pm with one stop for fuel and one potty break.  Traffic on I-80 was not too bad – I was expecting it to be much worse.  People think of Iowa as being really flat, but when you go across on I-80 theres quite a few hills that are steep enough for semi-trucks to slow down going up them.  It makes driving annoying having to pass so many slow trucks.

I’m heading off to watch The Internship.  John rented it this morning on Apple TV and thinks I would enjoy it.  Will see…


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