Greetings from Texas….

The weather today was cool, but dry with a high of only 65°. I’ve started to check out the St. Louis weather and today they only got up to 52° and it was rainy… It will be an adjustment heading back North…. I need to purchase a new winter coat – my old crappy red one needs to go – the zipper is broke on it and I don’t like how I look wearing it…. think I’ve been watching too much Project Runway and Top Model…… 😉


My temporary work area - conference room table with other consultants...

The power situation at work continues – the power was not restored at my work location so I went over to corporate. I ended up working in a conference room with several other consultants. It took me a few hours to get online because I needed to locate a power supply, network cable and call the help desk to get my laptop connected to the network. Here is a picture of my work area:

Once I logged in I had around 125 emails to sort through…. so much fun. Some of the test and development servers are located at the site with no power and many users were unhappy as a result – especially the ones that decided to use the test server to perform production work. I really hope the servers are ok and power up properly when the electricity is restored… I have a suspicion that they were not backed up… time will tell… I’ve been told that the power problem will not be fixed for a couple more days – city inspectors came in and are requiring rework of the electrical work that was done in the past few weeks…. So it is back to corporate tomorrow where a different conference room has been reserved for us… Here is a picture out the window at work – facing east towards Dallas – the elevated track towards the bottom of the picture was created for a mono-rail system that was expected to connect Los Colinas with the DFW airport. The system was never used and the track still stands – going into many buildings…


View from window at corporate

The news of my departure has spread through the department and now I’m getting lots of requests for new development and software changes before I leave. There is no way I can get most of it completed in the next two weeks…. the amount of support work I have fills up most of my day..

John had a lovely supper ready when I came home – a pot roast slow cooked in the crock-pot along with potatoes, onions, carrots and his secret spices – was yummy, yummy & yummy! He is going to use the remaining roast to make beef stroganoff – his signature dish… looking forward to it…

Not much else going on… Dragon’s Den just came on BBC America – it is fun watching business people pitch their products/services to the Dragons… many of dubious quality, but some good ones…..

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