Greetings from West Des Moines, IA…

As expected, the weather is cool and very fall like.  Getting highs in the lower 50’s and lows in the upper 20’s.  Last few days have been nice and sunny helping to keep the apartment warm without running the furnace.

John has been feeling crappy the last few days with headache, fever and “the ickies”.  Poor John.  He did get his grade for his group senior project class – an A.  Still waiting for the last grade to come in from the career class.  He is 99% sure it will also be an A.  John finishing school as been “anti-climatic”.  Once day he has classes and assignments to attend to, the next day it is all done…

His job search continues.  He’s been monitoring lots of job web sites and working with Devry’s placement department.  He has a phone interview on Tuesday and some good leads.  I keep telling him that the only person in a hurry to place you is you…  The process just takes time.

Our tenant search continues.  Hoping we get a few more applications before we make a final decision.  The current tenants have informed us they will be moved out of the apartment by the end of the month.  Hoping that goes as planned so we can get the apartment ready to rent quickly.

On Saturday evening went to Don and Troy’s halloween party.  John was too ill to attend, so meet up with Dave/Mitch and went with them.  The party was a blast! They had around 40 people in attendance with a karaoke machine setup in the basement.  Was fun to see what everyone’s dressed up as.  I went as a straight guy football player,  Dave as a Devil and Mitch as a priest.  Out of character for everyone :).  By the end of the evening the “witches brew” punch caught up with me and I was tired.  Ended up staying at Dave and Mitch’s place and driving home in the morning.  Was nice of them to put me up for the evening…

Today I was dragging ass.  Didn’t feel overly hung-over, just partied out tired. Spent way too much time laying on the sofa watching TV.  Didn’t feel overly hung-over, just partied out tired.  Need a day like that now and then.  This evening I did log into work and programmed for several hours.  Still trying to get the “never-ending project” to end…  maybe …. someday….

This evening we dined out at the local Fudruckers.  Had a buffalo chicken sandwich and it was just ok…  could not really taste the buffalo sauce on it… and I was bitter that they charge a dollar extra to add blue cheese to it…  plus they were out of ice tea in the beverage area.  Oh well – got us out of the apartment for a bit.

Afterwards we headed over to the Jordan Creek Mall so John could check out the new iPad Mini’s.  They did not have them on display yet.  Next John stopped at the Century Link booth to see if we could bundle our Verizon iPhones with our Century Link internet.    They could it will save us $15.00 a month.  Was worth the time to check it out…..

Not much else going on… going to play Warcraft for an hour and head off to bed…


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