We had a busy last few days – so now I’m finally getting around to a blog posting…

On Friday evening we went to the Atomic Cowboy for supper with Perry, Paul, Rick and Larry. They have good text/mex/american food – they are primarily a bar, but their food is really good and the service was attentive. It also does not hurt that our waiter was a hottie. After eating we went to their back patio and stood around a campfire they had going. It was a bit cool and rainy out, but the fire was nice and toasty. We then walked down to Amp and had a round of drinks. They make a good Cosmo – I had two….

On Saturday we went to Best Buy where I purchased the upgrade to my Mac’s operating system – OS X Leopard. It installed in about two hours on my PowerBook G4 with no problems. The upgrade adds lots of nice features that will be handy. My favorite feature so far is called “Spaces” – it lets you have different virtual desktop setup and you can flip between them. They also made some nice additions to Mail – there is now stationary where you can add photos to various templates to make your messages attractive and personalized. On Saturday evening we went to Pam and Monica’s house for a Halloween party. The party was fun – I went as a football player, and John went as a gay guy (i.e. I don’t do costumes!) The had around 20 people at the party and everyone brought lots of yummy party food. My favorite was a cheese dip made with beer – it was good on Apples. The party was still going strong when we left at 1:00am.

Today we meet Paul and Perry for brunch at the After 24 Diner. The diner is a quirky establishment that is open 24 hours a day. Our waitress was cute, but a bit of a fruit loop – she attempted to memorize our order, but then came back several times to make sure she had it right…… The food was decent – I had a bacon, cheese and mushroom omelet with hash browns. The restaurant is a nice addition to the some area where Novak’s, Atomic Cowboy and AMP is located. I’m sure they do good “after bar” business at night.

After breakfast we needed to get to the St. Louis Science Center for the Body Worlds 3 exhibit. To keep the cost of parking low, we dropped our Subaru and Perry’s Prius at Home Depot and then loaded into Paul’s hearse. Paul collects vintage vehicles and the hearse is one of them. He hangs Halloween decorations in it during this time of the year and will be featured on the local St. Louis news this week. John and I got to ride in back next to a old casket Paul has to complete the spooky effect.

The Body Worlds 3 exhibit was very interesting. It features real human bodies that had gone through a plastination process where the tissue is preserved with a plastic resin. Then the skin is removed to reveal the muscle, bones and organs. The exhibit is a bit controversial because many of the preserved bodies are arranged in dramatic non-conventional poses. All of the bodies were donated with the full understanding that they would be included in the exhibit. Here is a picture of two bodies we viewed:

Two of the plastinated bodies

The exhibit does not reveal the names of the people, how old they were when they passed away and how they died. The exhibit concentrates on being educational and explaining different parts of the body and displaying the effects of disease on your organs and bones. Besides the full bodies, there were also displays that highlighted different systems in your body – like the nervous system, digestive system, pulmonary system and etc… I tend to get queasy when seeing medical related stuff, but the exhibit did come across as being gross. I listened to the optional audio tour and it helped supplement what I was looking at. The audio tour also went out of it’s way to defend the exhibit as being educational and not a freak show. I recommend the show to anyone who would like to learn more about the human body… I found a picture gallery on the web that shows the process of plastinating a body – Marc Steinmetz – it is a bit gory, but interesting.


Hearse and Subaru at Home Depot

It seemed a bit ironic that we rode in a hearse to see the exhibit of dead people and made me giggle a bit on the way home. It was also fun watching other motorists stare at us as we drove back to Home Depot to pick up our vehicles.


Picture Perry took of us in the hearse

This afternoon I got our laundry done. I ended up doing 8 loads – partly because I did all of our bedding and partly due to us doing laundry on Thursday night last week to accommodate the weekend trip to Springfield, IL. I always sleep best on freshly laundered sheets – so I’m looking forward to heading to bed tonight. Doing laundry at the laundry room here at the park is pretty easy. The laundry facilities are close, and pleasant to spend time in.


Laundry Room

Now it time for me to get organized for going to work in the morning and head off to bed….

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