I had a really good day at work – got lots done and I’m starting to get caught up with items that I did not complete last week… For lunch I had a yummy salad from the salad bar with light ranch dressing…

John had supper on the stove when I got home. He made Beef Stroganoff from a box mix – brown some ground beef then add water and the mix… it was good. The weather today was a bit cool, so the hot food tasted good. In keeping with my mimi-diet I ate much less of then then I used to… John can have left-overs for lunch tomorrow… Because of the weekend I was too afraid to step on the scale this morning….

John has been pestering me to get a photo gallery online. I started this project several months ago and it was actually online, but I never added a link to it from the blog. There is now a link to it on the right hand side of the blog – above the Online Cookbook icon. I have about 1/2 of our pictures added to it so far. I hope to complete uploading the remaining pictures tomorrow.

Each of the albums in the gallery are arranged in Chronological order – the oldest first….

John started working at the RV park here today. He did various tasks for around three hours before they ran out of things for him to do…

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