Hello all, John here.

6 Days left! Next week at this time we will not only not have to hear about all this election crap, but we will have our answers!

However, the race isn’t done, and my big issue this year has been of course the No on Prop 8. So I have some more viral video for you, and a picture I stole from Joe My God. The first video I found on Ken’s site http://rvbirdsofafeather.blogspot.com/. I thought this was one of the best utube video’s against Prop 8 I have seen yet…

Of course we have our Hollywood breathern coming out for support:

And this is one of the most well explained reasons to VOTE NO on PROP 8

And for those of you who can’t get enough LOL cats! I love these too…


And lastly I want to bring up a really serious topic that has been getting almost ZERO coverage in the mass media. Voting Machines, particularly the touch screen machines. There have been several reports made that some of these machines have been registering votes incorrectly. I have read reports that machines have switched straight party votes from one party to the opposite, and also that the machines were just out of calibration (ie, the mouse pointer not calibrated to the touch screen). I do hope the latter is more true, since that isn’t as condemning as the first. The scary part is we really have no positive way to know as these machines don’t produce any type of receipt or have a check and balance to them. If you are faced with having to use one of these touch screen machines, please double check your votes before you confirm it. There is nothing worse, no matter what side you are on, that the idea of an unfair election. I do not understand why the country isn’t outraged by even one instance of something like this, nor why coverage of this is vary scarce.

Ok, Well that is all I got right now. Please do what you can to help get the vote out! And Please, Please vote NO on Prop 8! Separate will never be Equal!

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