Greetings from Texas…..

The weather here has been unsettled… several fronts have come through so the temps keep going up, then down, then it storms and the cycle continues….


My work area for last two days....

I have spent the last two days working by myself in a conference room – it was boring but quiet and the pleather chairs were comfortable. I also found out that the Flavia machines at corporate have green tea cartridges… I would like to trade in the crappy chai tea in the building I work in for the better green tea…

The power was restored to the building I normally work in, so tomorrow it is back to my cube… yeah? I guess….. I plan on starting to pack up my books and etc – to make coworkers and management nervous…. 😉

Just got done catching up on the latest posting on People of Walmart – that site always makes me giggle… plus it helps keep me up to date on cutting edge Walmart fashion – it’s like Project Runway without any sewing, or any real style….. but the attitude and drama is still there….

I’m almost done watching season 1 of Project Runway Australia – so have started to download the next season – it is downloading decently – it is about 1/2 way done…

Earlier this week we watched the Flipping Out end of season reunion show – it was a bit sad to see Jeff and Ryan have their tiff and stop talking to each other… I explained to John that he is like my Zoyla and Jenny all in one – he was not amused…. Hope they renew the show for another season…. It helps me understand the personalities of several of our friends better 😉

We skipped a few days of the “Things we like about Texas” – so here is item #3: Um…. ahhh…. I can’t think of anything…. imagine that…. list is done…..

Not much else going on…. guess it is time to pester John …..

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