Greeting from a nice fall weekend in Iowa…

It is starting to get a little cooler out but was nice but with lots of sunny skies!

On Wednesday I received a nice surprise:

IMG_3058.JPGMy parents had a nice Halloween flower arrangement sent for our new place.  It looks right at home on the table.  I catch Prince on the table sniffing around on it every now and then.

On Thursday evening I decided to use the apples I still had left over from the orchard in Wisconsin to made a pie.  Can’t remember the last time I actually peeled apples to make a pie – so decided to go for it using this super simple recipe:  Grandma Ople’s Apple Pie.


Apples waiting to be peeled



Apples in the pie before putting dough lattice on top



Just out of the oven - perhaps a little over done..

It tasted pretty good.  Next time would add some cinnamon to it, but other then that was a good first attempt.

On Friday John decided my office area was way too disorganized for his taste.  I explained to him that I need to use my work computer and my personal computer from the same desk space.  He went to Menard’s and obtained stuff to create a shelf above my desk to put my laptops on.  That worked well, but the laptop screens were too far away from where I sit..  I like my monitor to be at an arms length away… they were at arms length + 6 inches…

So he went on Craig’s List and found a used 22″ Samsung SyncMaster 226bw LCD monitor for $125.  He emailed the seller and it was still available – so he went and picked it up an hour later.  No surprises – it was as advertised and in like-new condition.

Only issue is that we needed to obtain a mini-dvi adapter cable for my Mac.  I had $15.00 in reward certificates to use at Best Buy – so we set the GPS to take us to the closest Best Buy store.  It took us across town to a booger Best Buy.  It was awful – about half the size of most Best Buy stores and had a depressing feeling when you walked in.  I just knew they would not have what we wanted…  and I was right.  They carried no Mac stuff.  So we went to the next closest store – in Ames, IA.  Same result there – no Mac stuff.  They recommended we check out the Jordan Creek Best Buy store.  It is about two miles from the apartment and NOT listed in our GPS.  Made it there, they had exactly what we needed.  Also purchased an Apple keyboard and a Magic Trackpad.  Wanted both because my laptop will be on the shelf and not directly in front of me.  Did not want to loose having the trackpad with multi-touch capabilities I’m used to.

Finally made it home and we spent the next hour taking everything off my desk and then setting both computer back up so they work with the monitor.  Here is picture of my current setup:


You can never have enough computer stuff... especially Apple stuff :)

The setup works well.  Can use a switch on the monitor to switch between my work PC and my Mac.  Like how I have lots of space on the desk for print-outs and books.

Spent most of the day on Saturday and two hours on Sunday working in the yard.  Still removing crappy old plants and bushes.  Have the side of the building by the RV completely cleared out.  Removed the old landscaping fabric from the front of the house.

Today we removed several large overgrown burning bushes from the back corners of the building.  They were huge and just way too out of control to be nice again.  I started to dig around the largest one without much luck.  John came over and said that he could use the wench on the front of the Jeep to pull it out of the ground.  Sounded good to me.  Got the chains out, wrapped it tightly around the base of the bush, connected chain to wench and gave it a good tug.  Did not move much. Used the shovel to dig around and find some large roots to cut.  Tried the wench again and it slowly pulled it out.


Success! Bush all gone...

I cussed John out for not getting the winch out last weekend when I was working on other bushes….  He then gave me the speech about how it is important to have a vehicle with a winch – comes in handy now and then.  I guess….

We then used the winch of two more burning bushes on the other side of the building.  They were smaller and came out of the ground much easier with little digging.  Glad to have them out – place looks much cleaner without.  Will take some pictures of the end result tomorrow…  did not have my phone with when doing the dirty work…

While working we meet the owners of the townhouse complex next to us.  A nice couple who own several rental properties – like we eventually want to.  John spent time chatting with them and checking out the townhouse they were preparing for new tenants.  They say they have very little problem keeping them rented in this area.  Was nice to hear.

Trick or Treating starts in a few mins… go need to get going and man the door.  I assume we will get kids at the door here….

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