Hello, John again.

Just wanted to post quick saying I finally found our missing Slide Topper Awning.

When we bought the new coach, the slide topper was slightly messed up… Metal bent, and the fabric was fraying. Part of our deal with Tom Johnson Camping Center was that they replace the awning, but since they had to order it from Winnie, they said they would drop ship it to us in Bloomington, IL. Well, time passes, and nobody cna find the darn thing. So, now aftrer my 5th phone call and 3 months waiting, WE FOUND THE AWNING! It was shipped to the wrong address, acutally, I was having it shipped to my previous employer, Advance in Bloomington, IL, the shipping company sent it to AutoZone (right next door). So, spoke wikth the Manager at AZ, and she said “We tried to send it back, but they wouldn’t pick it up!” and now hopefully I can call in a favor or two to get it sent down to me in Tampa.

Anyhow, I was happy to find it and thought you should all know!


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