I had another busy day at work – partly because I had several meeting to attend and lots of programming tasks that users are waiting for me to complete. It seemed a got a little done here, a little done there, but nothing substantial completed. The one “new development” project I have been working with the users to develop the specifications and understand what they need done, is coming along nicely – with a little luck the specifications will be completed tomorrow and I can start programming.

John spent the day working on caulking the roof seam on the RV. Our Winnebago has a seem that runs along the side of the coach where the roof meets the side walls. This seam needs to have caulking in it to prevent leaks and to provide some flexibility to the coach when going down the road. John caulked the seems last when we were in Tampa, FL and was surprised that it needed to be done again. I assume the summer heat/sun in South Carolina was not too kind to it. He has tried different types and brands of caulking but likes the 100% pure silicone the best.

The grout lines between the tiles on the floor in the kitchen and bathroom have a dingy look to them. When we purchased the coach the white tile and grout were more black then white. We did pretty good getting them clean, but the grout still is stained. We’ve tried lots of products on the grout – the gel bleach pens did the best. John is investigating the possibility of using a special paint that you put over the grout to give it a nice clean appearance. If anyone has used a similar product, let us know how it worked for you. Painting over grout seems kinda strange, but it is better then removing the old grout and re-grouting the entire tile floor.

I received the special usb cable for my external hard drive in the mail today. It connects the drive to two separate USB ports so it can combine the power from each of them. It works, but my PowerBook only has two USB ports, so I could not use the USB Mouse and Keyboard when it was attached. I found a way to connect the external usb hub to the PowerBook and then one of the hard drive cables to it. This way there’s enough USB ports to plug everything back in. The bad part of doing this is the tangle of cables all over the desk. I think a better solution would be to purchased a powered USB hub that will supply enough power to the hard drive that I only need to use the single cable that came with it. I will probably run to Best Buy next weekend and get one… they can’t be that expensive…

John has been playing with Second Life for the last week or so. He saw it featured on CSI: New York last week and was curious to check it out. Second Life is a virtual world with thousands of people online at a single time. The main point to Second Life is to interact with other people, make friends, check out what others have built and build stuff yourself. John has been shopping, buying clothes, finding free stuff and checking out stuff that other people built. The other day he was telling me about how someone recreated “Boys Town” in Chicago. He is amazed at how much time and effort some people put into their Second Life. I think it is cool that John has found a fun diversion with it. If you happen to be on Second Life, let us know … perhaps we can all meet up online…..

Once I get this blog posting completed I will work on adding more photos to our online gallery… it is time consuming, but I like having them online. They bring back lots of good memories….

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