Hello all.

It’s Raining in Livermore! Figures, the day I want to get things put up for the trip it starts pouring out…

I did get quite a bit done though. I got the antennas all down, flushed the tanks really good (hey I don’t have to pay for the water here…), took the solar shades off, put the bra on the front (yes the black vinyl one that gets covered in bugs), rolled up and stowed my washing hose, Cleaned out the shed, and filled Derek’s car with some junk. We will be parking the car in a secure location over the weekend so we can vacate the park here “cleanly”. I have left the manager of the park 2 messages, and knocked on her door 3 times, and she has yet to return my call. I wanted to settle up with her tomorrow, but she obviously doesn’t think that is important. In reality we are pretty close to even with the security deposit, so it might be worth it jsut not to even attempt to talk with her.

So tomorrow we will head up to Olema, CA for the campout, and then to the new park on Sunday. We are both excited for the change in scenery.

Now, News on Prop 8. The Mormons have been quite the fund raisers and shelled up another 2 million bucks over the last couple days. That brings the Yes side to over 20 million contributed by the Moron Church. Un-real! Imagine if that money went to good use, like feeding the hungry or stopping the spread of HIV. Ugh. Also found a neato link: http://www.sfgate.com/webdb/prop8/ Lets you look up who has donated by city state and zip code, for and against. I am not sure how accurate it is since neither Derek or I show in the database.

We did finally get our signs yesterday. Of course they ended up going to WI first, then shipped back here. I hate that! Anyhow, I posted a couple more in the Motor Home windows, one on the back of the truck, and another on the back of the Motor Home.

Derek had what I thought was a great idea this AM. He said “What if we transcribed the video of the kid, and sent it out to everyone in the park?” I thought for a second, and figured, you know, if we could change just one mind, that might be the one vote we need. So, I sent a note off to the kid who made the YouTube video, and he responded. He asked that we give him credit in the letter, but also thought it was a great idea. So, I did just that. If anyone has any use for it, I do have it as a word file, and can email it out to you. I spent the afternoon licking envelopes and mailed out one to each site here in the park. Grassroots at it’s best I guess, and a nice little parting gift for those that hate us here.

Other news from the Marriage Equality folks, seems their has been an attack on their website. Basically a number of people got together and wrote programs that kept hitting the site, which causes the server to crash. The email stated that it is mostly over now, and they have involved the FBI in finding out who is responsible… Hmm, I wonder if the Moron’s are behind that too. SO, if you did try to visit the No On Prop 8 site to hopefully donate and couldn’t get it to load, try it again, Please. We need to debunk this bad amendment.

Ok, So that’s all I got. Please vote, and Please vote No on Prop 8!


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