It was an interesting day at work because it was Halloween. At r4:00pm they had a parade of children from the neighborhood go though the office trick or treating…. Many employees also dressed up – I saw Darth Vader, some creepy monsters, Dracula and several pirates…

I have a headache that started this afternoon at work. I think someone made fully caffeinated coffee in the decaf container….. When I left work I called John and asked him to preheat the convection oven and prepare some pork chops. “It’s Shake and Bake, and John helped“. They were done shortly after I made it home and were yummy!

We have new neighbors next to us – they speak French so I assume they are French-Canadians…… Seems like there are lots of new campers at the park. I picked up the activity schedule for the month and they play Bingo every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7:00pm. I like to play Bingo and plan on being a regular player. I will have to get my “O 69” T-shirt out along with my favorite purple dabber and good luck charms ready for action. I’m not sure if they use the disposable pads or the reusable cards with the red taps you pull over the called numbers.

I found a product online that helps keeps clothes from getting wrinkled in the dryer. I’m thinking about ordering to see if it helps with my work clothes in the RV washer/dryer. It is called “Apparel Press” and the kit sells for $19.95. Let me know if anyone else has tried this…… I will probably order it sometime this week.

We received our absentee voter ballots in the mail today and we both filled them out. I voted a straight Democratic ticket and voted against the amendment to the state constitution that defines marriage between a man and a women…. I voted for bringing back the death penalty.

I’ve been attempting to get onto Echo Link using my Macintosh, but for some reason no audio comes in or goes out. I’m going to try again tonight and make sure I have the firewall temporarily disabled to see if it makes a difference.

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