I had a good day of work. The big project I’ve been working on completing was approved for “Go Live” next week. I still have lots of small details to take care of, but the majority of the development is done and final testing will continue tomorrow and Monday. The lunch room had a Halloween inspired menu – I had a Mummy Wrap (chicken wrap) with a small serving of “Monster mash” (Potato Salad). My mini-diet is still working out well.. The scale says that I was down 14 pounds since I started…..

This morning John went to breakfast with Perry and Paul, then made a stop at the “ghetto Walmart”. My theory is that welfare checks are received on the last day of the month, so I try to avoid going… John was brave and he said it was an awful experience, but he did manage to purchase a powered 2.0 USB hub. I connected it tonight and the hard drive works perfectly connected to it with the single cable… Yeah!! My hard drive is now being backed up with “Time Machine“. It is being touted as the world easiest software to use to backup your Macintosh – and they are right. You plug in the external hard drive and confirm that you want to backup to this drive and then it works. That’s it.

John spent this afternoon cleaning and waxing the roof of the rv. He washed the roof with a bucket of water, soap and a rag and then waxed it using Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax #845. The wax goes on easy, but takes some elbow grease to remove. The wax works well – John swears by it…. Now poor Johnny is sore, crabby and tired. He can sleep well tonight knowing he has a clean roof… 😉

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