Hello all, John here.

Well, we made it out of hell and to Olema, CA. We are here for the weekend. Figures that our first trip out with an RRV group it rains…

We made it safe, but I did miss an exit and ended up taking the “Long Way” around… Well, lets jsut say it was an interesting drive. When we saw the sign that said “Trucks over 40 ft not recommended” I wondered if we should turn around… But then I figures, the MH is 40 ft and if it got bad we could just unhook the truck. It wasn’t too bad, but would be a fun road for the Subaru, or I am sure Buck would love it on his bike. The MH did well through the curves and hills, I was actually impressed and though it was a fun drive. The campground is Olema RV Resort http://www.olemaranch.com/ , it seems adequate. They have nice big sites, with water and electric. The power is only 30 amp, but we will mange for a weekend. The trees here are amazing, part of the drive we went through a redwood grove, and they were just huge! We should have taken some pictures. It is defiantly not a low rent area, with lots of quaint little towns and if your a local it seems you drive nothing less than a German car. The Campground itself also has it’s own post office and Laundromat, which all seems in order. The bad part is there is Zero cell service, even with the antenna. They do include free Wi-Fi in the rate, so that is how I am posting. No dish or even Digital TV either… I guess we will have to be social this weekend. Good thing Bern isn’t here, I don’t think he would make it!

We escaped Livermore unscathed this AM. Since the Trailer Park Queen refused to return my calls last week I typed up a letter and had Derek drop it in the rent check box. As we were pulling out she came running after us shaking the letter. We did not stop, just giggled a bit.

A couple hours later she called. I was in pretty heavy traffic, so I handed the phone to Derek, and she started making excuses on why she wasn’t there to answer the door or phone. Derek jsut rolled his eyes and said “Umm Hmm…” She then stated she would be sending our deposit less what we owed in electricity, which is what I expected. She gave him some shit for the short notice, but since there is nothing in the lease about notice she really can not do anything about it. I explained to her when we moved there quite explicitly, that Derek’s job could go away and we wouldn’t be here the day after. Anyhow, on to bigger and better! Hopefully the next place works out a little better.

That’s all I really got, Derek is outside carving pumpkins, so I should go round up some candles… Have a happy Halloween!

OH! Can’t forget! PLEASE VOTE NO on PROP 8! News today is that we are ahead by a very slight margin, if you can please donate to No on Prop 8 so we can secure the needed funds to defeat Prop 8!


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