Greetings from a sunny fall day in Iowa…

We got back from a weekend trip to camp along the Mississippi River in Thomson, IL.  Had reservations at the Thomson Causeway Campground and we meet up with Bernie/Mike, Dave/Mitch.  The main reason for the trip was so I could stop in and visit my parents.  They are very busy with finishing up gardening for the year and dealing with evening frosts and etc.

Mom and Dad did dine out with us on Saturday evening at Rastrelli’s in Clinton, IA – one of my favorite places!  Was a treat.  Here’s some pictures we took over the weekend:


Pumpkins for sale at Mom and Dad's



A few more in the field


Mom and Dad's stand at the farmers market in Clinton, IA


Bernie and Mitch enjoying some cheese fondue


I believe John is actually smiling :)


Mike and his two dogs... AJ and Gabby... they are a handfull :)

Besides seeing my parents we enjoyed the cool fall weather by sitting around campfire and walking around the campground.  Friday evening the outdoor temperature got down below freezing overnight.  We were fine in the RV – had a 50 amp hookup so could just run the heat pump and keep a radiant space heater plugged in.  Saturday night was not quite as cold, but still close to freezing out.  I like sleeping the RV in the fall weather – all tucked in under a few warm blankets.  Wish we could have stayed another day – it seemed like we tried to fit in three days worth of stuff into just two… but oh well….

The trip home went well.  The traffic on I-80 was a bit heavy, but John navigated it like a pro.  We wanted to stop at the Blue Beacon to have the RV washed when we rolled into Des Moines, but there was a long line of  truck and RV’s waiting – so we just purchased fueld and left.  One of the next weekends we will wash and wax it to get it set for the winter.

Once home I spent 90 minutes getting the RV unloaded and cleaned inside.  Was not too  dirty for just a weekend trip.  Did take out most of the grocery items for the year.  No use to provide food for mice and etc…  This was probably the last RV trip of the year for us.

John has three more weeks of college classes to go.  He will be working on catching up with class work for a few more hours tonight and continue to hit it hard this coming week.  Seem like this coming week will be very very busy for him, then will start to slow down the next two.

I have ice skating classes starting back up every Monday evening for the next six weeks.   These are at the indoor Metro ice rink.  Will be nice to get back out on the ice since I did not do very much this summer/fall.  In a little over a month the outdoor ice rink will be open…..

Not much else going on… going to fix John something for supper, get some laundry done and relax a bit…

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