Greetings from another beautiful fall day in West Des Moines, IA!

Temps got into the lower 80’s today with a nice breeze.  Can definitely get used to this weather, but the forecast is calling for some rain to arrive next week.  The area is quite dry, so some precipitation will be welcomed.

Today we worked on getting the RV cleaned and all set for winter.  John winterized it using a borrowed compressor pump to blow all of the water out of the water lines.  He then put the pink RV friendly anti-freeze fluid in the sink traps, toilet and other areas where water may still remain.  Once that was done he gave the exterior a good scrubbing with a hose and a nylon brush.  While he did the exterior, I did the inside stuff.

Went over the RV and gave it a good cleaning.  Cleaned all of the cherry woodwork with Orange Glo , cleaned all surfaces, windows, shower, refrigerator, floors and on an on.  Took me around 5 hours to complete.  Had to empty the vacuum cleaner twice due to the amount of cat hair….

For short local camping trips next year we will just leave Prince in the apartment.  Even without Prince in the RV, we will probably be finding cat hair in it for the next few years.  Besides cleaning, I did find a few items that I wanted to bring into the apartment – my Big Boss Grill, some kitchen utensils and a set of measuring cups.  Tired of guessing how much milk I’m putting in the mac n’ cheese 🙂  Also took all of the towels and bathroom rugs out so I can wash them.  Will take them back out tomorrow.

After getting the interior done, I then went out and helped John bag leaves.  First he had me run down to Hy-Vee to obtain stickers for the leaves he had already bagged into black contractor bags, along with stickers for large garbage items and 15 compostable lawn refuge bags for the remainder of the leaves.  Cost me $45.00 for everything.


John filling up a lawn bag...

We have a shop-vac that we brought back from Wisconsin that also functions as a leaf blower.  So John took it around the building and got most of the leaves moved to the front yard.  He then raked them up into a large pile.

It took us an hour to get all of the leaves into the 15 bags.  He had just enough bag space for them all.


Leaves bagged and all set to be picked up this week

There’s still lots of leaves left – we just took the first dent out of them.  John has contracted with a guy to provide lawn mowing, leaf raking and snow removal duties.  He starts on Monday.  Most of these leaves were from the big Ash tree out front.  We still have two huge Oak trees that have just started loosing their leaves.  The lawn guy will have plenty to keep him busy….

We contemplated doing all of the lawn and snow removal our selves, but decided not to.  We currently have very limited storage space – so we would have needed to purchase a storage shed and lawn care equipment.  Could have easily run us $2000 to get what we needed.  The lawn guy charges $45 to just mow each week, and $75 to mow and remove leaves.  We may use tax return money next year to obtain a shed – have all winter to contemplate the purchase.

Received our first water bill already.  It just had one day of usage on it from September, but they charged us $80.00 per apartment for a deposit – that comes to $320.00.  Not cheap.  John is going to call them on Monday to see if this is correct, or if we should have just been charged a single $80.00… Probably owe the $320.00….

So this evening we are kinda dragging ass… Not used to doing “real work” 🙂  Made a simple supper of rotini with doctored up Prego pasta sauce and bread.  It is amazing how much faster food cooks on a “real stove” instead of what we had in the MoHo.  Boiling a pot of water for pasta would take me 30 minutes to get a rolling boil in the RV, but half that in the apartment.  Looking forward to cooking at home more…

Not much else going on… Need to fold laundry, then going to play Warcraft for a bit and watch TV…..  Things feel like they are getting back to normal again.  Still lots that we can do to improve our digs, but nothing overly pressing.  Tomorrow afternoon want to go ice skating at a local rink during their public skating session.  Will be cool to skate at a “real rink” and not at the mall.  Wonder how cold they keep it?  Will find out….

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