Greetings from an overcast day in St. Louis….

The weather was chilly, but not cold – with highs in the mid 60’s – warm enough to not need to wear a coat to work….

My day at work was uneventful – I spent most of it making modifications to a database that need to be completed by Friday. Have the changes 90% done – should have it finished tomorrow morning…. Had lunch at the company cafeteria – their food is actually really good. Had turkey breast, apple/cranberry chutney, squash and green beans.. was yummy…

John went shopping at Trader Joe’s today for our two week supply of groceries. I like it when he shops there because we have some really good suppers. Tonight he made shrimp tacos with bean soup…. yum yum yum….

Here’s a cute video that I completely ripped off the Joe My God blog – thought it was clever so here it is:

This weekend we are planning on seeing the new movie Pirate Radio. I’ve seen a few previews for it and it looks good in a techno-sexual capacitor-sniffing sort of way…

Not much else going on… Watched the new V series on ABC again tonight… it is kinda good, but kinda predictable… will be interesting to see if they do anything to mix things up…

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