Howdy from St. Louis….

The sun came out for a bit today – go temps got into the mid 60’s again… Still not needing to wear a coat to work – not bad for November… Weather forecast is calling for decent weather until the weekend.

Had a good day at work – spent most of it working on the project that needs to be done by Friday. Will have it completed and ready to be tested by end users tomorrow morning.

John meet Paul for lunch – they went to The Pasta House. He had a chicken pasta dish with salad and bread – said the bread, salad were good, but the pasta dish itself was just so-so…. He had a good time chatting with Paul – said they spent two hours catching up with things….. Tomorrow is Johns first day of work – he gets the honor of opening the front gate at 6:30am then working in the office until it closes at 6:30pm (winter hours). I plan on bringing home something for supper and eating with him in the office…

I’ve been watching Dr. Phil on TV for the last few nights while doing the supper dishes… it was something different, but he’s kinda boring and repetitive – trying to instill common sense on stupid people over and over would be more then I could handle.. but he’s found a way to cash in on it….

I want a Weezer Snuggie:

Not much else going on….. nice quiet evening at the RV park….

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