Greetings from a wintery evening in Iowa.

Tonight it is going to get really cold – down to 15 degrees out.  Ick.  Hope our unwinterized RV will be ok.  John believes it will because it will not be below freezing for that long.  Tomorrow it will be back up into the 40’s by midday.  We are still hoping to get one more RV trip in this fall.

The drama with the satellite dishes did not end last night.  The tenant across the hallway reported that they have no reception in their back bedroom.  John spent an hour fixing what the DirecTV installer did last night.  The installer did not listen to John and had several connections wrong and ran a length of coax cable that really was not needed.  It’s like he did the opposite of what John advised him to do, including drilling a few more holes in the siding.  It sucked helping John fix the situation tonight because it was so cold and windy out.  Came in and the thermometer said it was 15 out.  It must run a few degrees colder then it actually is, I hope.

Planning for getting married continues.  Contacted Judge Hanson’s office today to see if he can perform the civil union for us next week.  Ended up calling several numbers before being referred to his main office.  His secretary was very friendly and advised me to just email him – so I did.  Will see if he gets back to me in the next few days.  Also emailed the events coordinator at the Iowa State Capitol building to see if we can do the ceremony inside under the main rotunda.  From what I read online, there is not charge but not sure we can access the building after 4:00pm in the evening.  Will see if she gets back to me..   Then once we get all of that squared away, we need to find two more witnesses for the civil service.  Even the simplest civil service takes a bit of planning – could not imagine planning a full wedding with guests and etc.

Not much else going on… think I will take a warm shower and watch some TV before calling it a day…

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