It Was A Dark and Windy night……

The weather here in St. Louis is getting windy and cooler. When I left work at 6:00pm I wish I was wearing a coat…. The forecast says it will get down to 33&deg tonight – good sleeping weather… as long as John and Prince don’t steal all of the covers….

The large project I have been working on went into Production today at 5:00pm without any problems – at least no problems so far. Tomorrow will be the real test of how well the programming works in real-life… I don’t expect any major issues, but you never know…. One project down and another one to get done by the second week in December…. Job security 🙂

Last evening I tried out John’s new dipole antenna that he installed between two telephone poles here in the RV park. I was able to make three contacts on 40 meters. I talked with guys in Colorado, Texas and Alabama…. I will try and make some more contacts tonight….

The Steinberg Ice Skating rink is now open in Forrest Park. I wanted to go for the first time this season tonight, but it is too windy…. I have my own ice skates and I should take the time to re-lace them. If I remember right, the laces were kinda messed up the last time I used them….

I’m looking forward to the first episode of this seasons “Project Runway” which airs at 9:00pm tonight…. Watching the show makes me want to get my sewing machine out. This weekend I’m going to work on the seat covers for the two captain chairs in front I have been promising John that I will make. We purchased some faux-suede fabric at a fabric store in Tampa, FL that I was going to use to make a dashboard cover. John decided to purchase a pre-make dashboard cover, so the fabric is being re-purposed for the seat cover. I hope I have enough for both chairs – I doubt we would be able to find the exact same fabric again…. After the seat covers – perhaps I can whip up a lovely holiday outfit for Prince 😉

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