Greetings from a cloudy, overcast day in St. Louis…


All curled up....

The temperature has not been too bad – got up to 57 ° out – but there is no sun and there is a moist chill in the air. We have not been running the heat during the day and John keeps a front window cracked open and the fantastic fan in the bathroom on low. We turn it on in the morning while showering to help prevent condensation – so far it has been working out… not sure if I will like it in the winter when it is really cold out…. This is how Prince copes with the cooler temps:

This morning we meet Rich A., Rich S. and Paul B. for breakfast at Chris’s. They are always busy on Sunday morning but we got seated with the group’s favorite waitress, Dawn. Their breakfast is pretty good – I had a western omelette with hash-brown potatoes – hit the spot… It was nice to see everyone again….

After breakfast I worked on getting laundry done. We have more then normal because of our move last weekend – I managed to get it all done in 4 loads. The RV park has new washing machines that are nice, but are also $1.50 a load. It helps out that there is a big dryer that you can dry two loads in – so it evens out the cost……

John checked into the RARA 20 meter net today – he was able to check in with net control in New York, but could not hear any of the guys in Texas…..

After the net, we went shopping in Fairview Heights, IL for some long sleeve dress shirts for John. He wanted some new ones to wear for his trip to Milwaukee next week. The drive through downtown was a bit slower then normal because the Rams Football game was done and people were starting to walk to their cars and the Metro. A few minutes latter and we would have been stuck in really bad traffic. We were able to find three shirts at Burlington Coat Factory that fit him and look nice… a combination that is no always easy to find…. My job was to take all of the pins, cardboard and plastic out of the shirts so he could try them on… so much fun… then what do you do with the shirts that he tried on but did not like – it is not easy putting everything back together…. but I did….

We then stopped at Ruby Tuesday’s for supper – we had sandwiches and fries….. It was a good, easy supper… I had a buffalo chicken sandwich that was tasty – John teases me about my obsession with buffalo chicken sandwiches lately – it is something that I crave now and then…. no big deal….

Not much else going on – just a quiet evening in the MoHo… John talking about having two jobs now reminds me of the skits on the old tv show In Living Color – Hey Mon, I have 14 jobs man….. I found a clip of one of them – makes me giggle – especially the like “I have 9 jobs, you know, plus I do all of the cooking, cleaning, washing and welding around here” – reminds me of George, Jr John… 😉

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