Greetings all, from a chilly, windy Saint Louis.

The temps have been hovering in the mid 50’s and down into the low 30’s at night. Bit chilly since we haven’t seen cold weather in a while, but the Winnie is proving to be a much more solid winter camper than the trailer was. Having two furnaces, the heat pump, and the two electric radiators really helps.

Not a whole bunch going on today. I did finally get my lost mail package from Milwaukee. We were happy to see it, since my truck registration was in it, which expires at the end of the month… I also did get a UPS package from Winnie Parts, which had the replacement Thin-Lite fixture in it. I swapped out the fixture in the bathroom. I still think it really bites that you can’t just get a replacement ballast for the fixture, but need to spend $60.00 on a new one. Of course that was an adventure in itself. The fixture looks about the same but it has had 4 different part numbers since they built this coach. The only change I could see what the inside ballast cover was changed slightly.

I also threw some junk out today, mostly stuff in the storage bays that were parts for past campers, like spare wheel bearings and seals, door hold backs, and the 20 odd florescent bulbs that we replaced with the soft florescent bulbs. I donated most of it to the park.

I did go to breakfast with Paul and Perry, and then we had dinner with Perry and Lloyd at a little Mexican place in Lafayette Square. It was good.

Didn’t do much in the park today, just cleaned the restrooms/showers, which haven’t been too used since we haven’t been overly busy. Lynn said we should see a few more people coming in the park for Thanksgiving. We’ll see. She asked if I could work Monday, to watch the store so she could do some shopping, and George should have some blinds to do again. Blind cleaning is pretty easy work, and it’s a little extra spending money. Whoo Hoo, now I might be able to pay for the newest additions to the Ham Shack.

Speaking of that, I have now gotten shipping confirmations on all three pieces, and the box Marcus is shipping down. Hopefully by this time next week we will have a complete second HF setup going. Marcus was good enough to dig through our storage and grab a couple key pieces out of those boxes in stored at his place in Wisconsin. He also donated a power supply to the cause. I am debating weather or not to find a second 2m/440 rig to add to the “Desk Station”. Next phase will be hooking it all up, and hoping I didn’t get screwed on any of the auctions.

Some of my curiosity got the best of me today, and I tried looking up a friend from Green Bay. I worked with him at SNI, and haven’t heard from him for years. He ended up leaving SNI about the same time I did, and we stayed in touch for quite a while after that, and I even did some work for him at one point. All the sudden it was like he fell off the face of the earth, no e-mail back, phone numbers changed, etc. So, in some snooping (ya gotta love the power of the internet) led to finding out he is in the WI Correctional System. I am not sure what to think about it. I used to consider him a pretty close friend, and then all the sudden nothing. I found a mailing address, and I am considering sending him a letter, but not sure if I should. I’ll have to ponder that a while and see if it is appropriate. I don’t know the story, the cause, or even what led up to his incarceration, just some possible scenarios from what I have dug up, therefore I won’t mention his name or what I think might have happened. In either case, there was a time he befriended both Derek and I, and I think that is worthy enough of a reason to reach out to see if he needs our support. I don’t know… Maybe it is best to leave sleeping dog lie.

On that note, I think I bored you enough for one evening. Have a good night, and stay warm!


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