Greetings from a lovely San Leandro. The weather here as been a bit warmer – in the lower 80’s during the day and low 50’s at night…. John is able to keep the front door open most of the day – Prince loves to sit on the steps and observe the world passing by the screen door.

I had a typical day at work – my projects are starting to wind down… the next few weeks will involve getting QA finished up and getting everything moved into Production…. hopefully…..

John picked me up at the BART station at 5:00pm then we went home for supper. We had microwave lasagna from Trader Joe’s… it was tasty and easy to make…

Yesterday I got my laundry done early as planned – despite the laundry room being rather busy… seemed like everyone had the same idea…. The lounge area off the laundry room has comfortable chairs and free wi-fi… so I brought my laptop along and surfed the web while waiting…

We then took a drive to the water front here in San Leandro. They have a nice marina and a chain of parks along the shore. We walked on some paths around the marina and checked out the various boats – there was several really large ones.

Here’s a few pictures that I took:


San Leandro Marina


John walking in the distance along the bay...


Monument to one of the WWII submarines that was lost at sea


Another of the parks....

I had a few hours in the afternoon – so I upgraded the version of Parallels that is running on our newer MacBook Pro. Parallels is the software that enables a Mac to run Microsoft Windows from inside of OS X. We upgraded to version 4.0 which promised to run faster and have better connectivity to usb and serial ports. We have not been able to get some ham radio software to connect to the Yaesu FT-897 radio via a USB-to-Serial cable – so we were hoping the upgrade would help with this. The upgrade took about 45 minutes to complete and the ham radio software running in Windows XP is now able to connect to radio – yeah! The cost of the upgrade ( $39.95 ) was actually worth it… John seems happy with it…

Then on Sunday evening we went over to Casper and Darrell’s home in Oakland – it was about a 20 minute drive for us. Their home is in the hills overlooking Oakland, the Bay and San Francisco in the distance – it was very pretty to see the city lights at night.. Casper showed us their elaborate gardens and green houses – made me miss having a house and yard… for a few minutes 😉 We then had a nice evening of good conversation, food and friendship… We had a tasty pork roast with all of the trimmings… Yummy!! it was nice to spend time with them again…. I hope we can plan a camping trip with them again….

We don’t any plans for the rest of the week besides getting through the work week… and monitoring the news about overturning Prop. 8.

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