Greetings from a wet St. Louis…

It rained on and off all day today, again… Rain is better then snow, but getting tired of it….

This morning I got up at 3:45am to drop John off at the airport. We made it there by 4:15am – the drive was easy with very little traffic on the road. John said he had to wait until 4:30am to go through security and he was one of the first through.

I then drove home and went back to bed for a few hours, then got up and went to work. John called around 9:00am to let me know that he made it – said the flight was not very full and he had an exit row all to himself.


Grey skies - tall building in the distance is along Grand avenue - general area of the Fox theater.

I spent the day programming – I have several small projects underway. Most of them are waiting for users to test what I did, but I have enough programming left to keep me busy until more are assigned to me. Here’s a picture I took out the window by my cube on the fourth floor:

John called me right as I was leaving work – said his conference went well and was somewhat interesting – he was waiting for his boss to pick him up to go grab a bite to eat…

I went home and fixed some supper. Made a really bad mess when I was squeezing the bottle of buffalo chicken sauce on the microwaved chicken patty sandwich I heated up for supper. The sauce was not coming out so I squeezed the bottle too hard and suddenly it went flying all over. Most of it was easy to clean up, except the massive amount that ended up on the white window blind by the kitchen table. How the buffalo chicken sauce managed to fly from the kitchen counter, across the room, across the kitchen table and land on the blinds is beyond me… So I spent the next 90 minutes with a Clorox bleach pen and damp microfiber towel trying to get the gobs of orange sauce off along with the stain it left. I did really good getting the stains out – but it is not perfect…… John will be unhappy when he gets home tomorrow – I will probably be spanked and sent to my room for life….

The rest of the evening I spent working on a computer project with the tv off and rain drops hitting the roof of the MoHo. Prince has been waiting by the front door for John to get home… It’s kinda sad – you can tell Prince misses him…

I’m off to bed – I’m really tired after a long day…..

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