Greetings from a cold wintery evening in Iowa.

Cold front blew through today and brought a little snow with it.  Temps dropped twenty degrees in past 12 hours – is currently 30 outside.  Is going to take me some time to get used to winter weather again..  taking extra time to get bundled up before heading out… sigh.

Snow in the back yard

DirecTV guy came at 4:15pm today.  They were unable to connect the new tenants to the existing satellite dish.  Our setup has a limit of 8 receivers (DVR with 2 receivers in it counts as two) and the installer is not “certified to install multi unit installations”.  He called his manager to make sure.  I called John, he was not happy and said Satellite City could do it and left it to me.  Do we piss off the new tenants by delaying their installation even more and have Satellite City come in or do we just go ahead with installing a second dish?

Guy from DirecTV getting the second dish installed.

I caved and went with installing a second dish on the roof.  They were able to use one of the previous shoes to avoid having to drill another one into the roof.  They still had to drill two new holes for the two braces that come off the main post.  I just can’t win.  John was not happy but calmed down once he came home and took over watching the installer.

End of the day the tenants have their satellite service and can finally watch TV.  I’m glad the installation is over with and we did not drag it out even further.  In the future will need to advise new tenants against using Mediacom to avoid this drama in the future.  Anyway, think it is a happy ending…

Made lunch reservations at a restaurant called Centro downtown for after getting our marriage license on Friday.  Tomorrow will start calling judges to see if one is willing to do the civil service for us.  Also want to check to see if we can do the service inside the state capitol building in the evening.  Believe the building closes at 4pm each day, but checking to make sure.

Not much else going on – have started watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  Is actually better then I thought it would be – so will finishing watching the first season of it.  Another Netflix series I liked was called Derek with Ricky Gervais.  Impressed they spelled my name right 🙂

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