We were bad bloggers over the weekend – we didn’t quite manage to make any updates…. bad bloggers….. oh well….


First I make a pattern using craft paper. Then i cut the fabric larger then the template.

After watching Project Runway last weekend, I decided the time was right to create the seat covers John has been wanting. Prince likes to dig his back toe nails into the leather and make little holes in it – bad pussy! So I spent most of the weekend sewing the seat covers. Here’s some pictures I took that describe the process:


Next I drape the cut panels (wrong side out) on the chair and pin the panels together.


Next I take the pinned together panels and sew them together.


Finished cover....

I have the covers done for both chairs. I still need to make covers for the four arm rests. I would also like to make dust covers for the CB and Yaesu Ham radio mounted on the drivers side. John still wants me to make a dash board cover – so I made him a deal – if he makes the pattern then I will cut the fabric and sew it…

I can’t wait to see Project Runway this week, but I will be on the road Wednesday night… My favorite contestants are Elisa and Steven.

Elisa is crazy – her first dress was described by one of the judges as “pooping fabric” – it will be fun to see what she comes up with next.

Steven is from Chicago and has a nice smile. I like the fact that he works at the Museum of Science and Industry and probably worked on some of the exhibits we have seen in the past.

John received some of the amature radio equipment he purchased on eBay in the mail today. He also received a package of some equiment he had in storage at a friends house. The desk is now full of radios, wires and manuals. He is still waiting for two more items before the radio will be complete.


Yaesu FT 757GX II transceiver on top of power supply.

Here is a picture I took of the new transceiver, power supply and microphone:

On Wednesday night after work I’m planning on driving to my parents farm in Northwestern Illinois. The trip will take around 4 hours to complete – there’s no good direct roads between St. Louis, MO and Thomson, IL… John will be staying in St. Louis with Prince….

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