Greetings from a cooler San Leandro – right now it is 55° outside at 6:00pm… It got into the mid-60’s today and tonight it will get down to the upper 40’s.. looks like the warmer temps are done for now….

Work is going fine – I’ve been spending the last two days working on adding reporting functionality to one of the applications I’m working on. They want the ability to list all employees who works under any of the managers in the organization. So I have recursive programming in place that goes up and down the corporate tree one manager at a time… oh so exciting… but nice when it actually works….

I asked John to do a blog posting, but he tell me “I’ve got nothing to write about”… I don’t believe him…. Perhaps he needs some distraction to get him over his writers block 😉

Right now the Mythbusters TV show is on – it is cool to watch because it is filmed in the same general area where we are at – Alameda County, California. The scenes where they are close to the water front is shot about 10 miles from us… perhaps we will run into Adam and Jamie sometime….. probably not….


Ice rink in San Francisco - skating with palm trees... how cool is that?

This coming weekend I want to go ice skating outside in San Francisco. The Holiday Ice Rink at Embarcadero is open until January 4th. I want to go so I can say I have ice skated on both coasts.

The news today that the California Supreme Court will hear the challenges to Prop. 8 is good news. Most of the local news coverage is down playing this by saying that it is not very likely for the arguments to do any good – and they give the chance of Prop 8 being repealed as slim… I hope they are wrong. It will be next March before the hearing takes place. I hope that the political climate with the new President will work in our favor…. time will tell….

I’m looking forward to watching Top Chef tonight. So far my favorite chef is Richard – he’s bear-licious. Any guy who is handy in the kitchen is hot in my book…. especially when John cooks… Tonight he made a pasta dish with corkscrew pasta, and a red sauce with chicken… it was yummy!!

Not much else going on… time to show my appreciation to John by pestering him…

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