Happy New Year!

Tapping out this blog entry with my iPhone while waiting in San Bernardino, CA for Amtrak train to arrive for our trip back home.  Will spend the next two nights sleeping in coach chairs – my back will be sore once done.

We took the train out here to attend Dave and Mitch’s annual New Year’s Day party.  We spent yesterday helping them prepare for it and today executing the food and etc. for it.  I joking referred to myself as “kitchen bitch #1”.  Did enjoy helping Mitch cook and prep.

John was quite sick and miserable for most of the train ride here.  He saw a doctor at a walk in clinic and obtained some medicine.  He is slowly getting better and I hope he can enjoy the trip back to some degree.

Have two New Year’s resolutions for myself –

#1 Blog more.  Got out of the habit of blogging because my computing habits have changed.  Find I use my iPhone to surf the web and read emails much more then in the past.  Sitting down at my computer in the evening to write blog posting just is not happening.  Going to make an effort to use iPhone and iPad to do postings on a regular basis.  Going to try using voice recognition for this.

#2 Eat more whole foods. Try to cut back on processed food that is high in fat and carbs.  Have lost 12 lbs from working out at KoKo Fit Can’t lub, so think this is the next step….  Want to try to eat squash once a week.  Acorn, butternut and spaghetti varieties.  Will see if John protests…. 🙂

Train will be arriving – so going to get this posted and use a “real” restroom one more time. Will post more about our trip soon.







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