Darrin and Derek


Hanging out in back yard.

Zeke had a fun party yesterday – Perry and Darrin had around 30 guests and at least 12 dogs.



I borrowed the party pictures from Perry’s picture album. Check out Perry’s blog – link on the right side of this web site.

After the party we went back to the camper and rested a few hours while watching Kalifornia. I have seen this movie before, but watched it because it is such an evil little movie.

After the movie we went to the City Museum. The Museum is a happening place after 10:00pm.
The crowd is mostly highschool/college aged kids and some parents. Mike had fun climbing around in the various caves and tunnels. We also enjoyed drinking some beer, sitting by a camp fire and roasting marsh-mellows. We stayed until midnight and then dragged our tired butts off to bed.

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