Another typical work day done and over with.  I spent most of the day making minor changes to one of the applications the end user have been testing.  Most of the changes were cosmetic and easy to do… With a little luck, they will approve everything so it can be scheduled to be moved onto a Production server.  What will actually happen is that the end user will keep coming back with minor changes daily for the next week and then it will be moved into Production only after they realize they are almost out of time before the programming freeze (Dec. 7th) occurs and they will have to wait until next year for it to be moved…. so much fun…

I found a vintage Winnebago RV commercial on YouTube.  While watching it I kept thinking – why did they find the muddiest place in the field to place the RV’s….  Check it out:

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I like the Winnebago song… I wonder why we don’t see commercials for RV’s on TV anymore?  Too expensive is my guess….

I’ve been seeing commercials on NBC for “<a href=”http://www.nbc.com/rosie-live/” >Rosie Live!</a>”.  It is billed as an attempt at reviving variety shows…  my only question is …. Why?

I doubt Rosie can top when Cher performed covers of Beatles songs with Tina Turner and Ethel Merman like was done on her variety show:

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Not much else going on… just getting through the work week and looking forward for the weekend….

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