Greetings from St. Louis….

The weather is getting a little cooler the last few days – the furnace has been running more in the evening – so far have been getting by with using the heat pump and radiant space heater. This is how Prince copes with the cooler temps:

I ordered some winter clothes from www.kohls.com – their online store has tall sizes, but most of their stores do not… should arrive on Monday in time for Thanksgiving..


Iron Barley

Last evening I dined out with friends who have a dining club and pick a new place to try each month. I went with them a few times the last time we lived in St. Louis. This month they picked a place called Iron Barley.

It is like a little neighborhood bar that serves upscale food. Here is a link to their menu. I had seafood risotto and it was really yummy with scallops, musscles, shrimp and etc:


My entree

After supper I headed to the airport to pick up John. His flight came in at 9:15pm and I meet him at baggage claim. He was tired and wilted from his trip and was glad to be back home. Prince was very excited when he came in – he started running from the front to the back of the motor home and then back jumping up on the dash – happy, happy, joy joy joy…..

John then casually inspected the white blinds that I cleaned the orange buffalo chicken sauce off of. He was nice about it, but did notice a spot on the wall that I missed…. 🙁

Today my work day went by slowly… I have lots of projects to work on, but each of them are waiting on end users to provide input, test or give an ok on …. so I spent a few hours doing some administrative “busy work” like submitting time sheets, recording the time I spent working on stuff during the week, sending out meeting invitations and etc… Many of the full time employees are taking next week off – so they were in a good mood before their long vacation. By 3:00pm the office was very quiet. Next week I get to cope with “the wanderers” – people wandering around the office looking for someone, anyone, who can help them with their IT problems because the person they normally go to is gone… So much fun..

Tonight we are relaxing in the MoHo catching up on the TV shows that recorded on the DVR, but we have not watched yet… Just got done watching the finale of Project Runway – I really wanted Carol Hannah to win, but I can see why Irina won – her collection was impressive.

Tomorrow morning John is driving a motor home of one of the work campers who goes south for the winter to a repair shop. One of the slide outs has a big leak that needs to be tended to. I need to drive along to give John a ride back to the park.

Not much else going on.. Just got done watching Glee and now watching CSI: New York….

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