Had a good day back at work at Monsanto today. I showed up and everyone else had moved out of the fourth floor of my building. This was expected so I moved all of my stuff back to my desk on the 2nd floor. The 2nd floor has many lots of noise and distractions – it will take some time to get used to it again.

I spent the day working on TeamSpace Partners and some UI cleanup – the work day went by quickly.

Found out that Monsanto hired someone else for the position I interviewed for……

Mike made it back to Racine, WI last evening with no problems on the road.

Last evening we rented movies from McDonald’s RedBox service for $1.00 a day – we watched “Stealth” and “Unleashed” – we enjoyed them both.

We will be going to “Lowden State Park” on Oregon, IL for the Thanksgiving weekend. Will be going to Deven and Melinda’s house on Thanksgiving day to have turkey with the family. We will then have Thanksgiving with Bernie and Mike on Friday or Saturday. I’m looking forward to a nice weekend – hope the weather is nice so we can do some dog walking and hiking.

I went for a short walk tonight after doing the supper dishes. I like walking when it is cool outside – hope to walk more during the evenings…

I added a link to Lloyd and Rich’s blog in my Favorite Blog list. They have a cute picture of their dogs sleeping on the sofa after Zeke’s party….

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