Greetings for our last Monday in Carrollton, TX….

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Cafe Brazil for breakfast. My breakfast was not the best – had a Denver omelette that was prepared by making a cheese omelette and putting ham, and veggies on top of it…. kinda odd…. We were surprised at the number of straight people there with babies and small children. I think each table had at least one kid under the age of three…. It made for an “interesting” dining experience…..


Wait for me, John!!

After breakfast I asked John if he wanted to head over to “Harbor Freight” to browse since it was close by…. John will not say no to an opportunity to look at tools, so off we went…

I found an assortment of lawn gnomes that I wanted, but was not allowed to purchase… We did not find anything too exciting, except a package of 10 micro fiber towels for $5.95…. There was a dollar store next to Harbor Freight, so we checked it out. Have been been to a dollar store in a few months, so we managed to find $24.00 worth of dollar items… Dollar stores are kinda fun because you never know what piece of crap you will find next. John likes to try different cleaning supplies. He snapped this picture of some oddly labeled dish soap:


Non-Ultra Laundry Soap

So exactly what is “Non-Ultra” soap… my guess is that it is non concentrated… it’s labeled so you know that you are buying a crappy product. We then spent Sunday afternoon doing laundry, cleaning house and enjoying our last weekend in Texas….

My work day today was boring. I spent most of it working on some changes to poorly designed application that is used globally. It is the type of application that probably worked ok for the small group of original users, but is now very inadequate for a global audience…. Will have the changes completed tomorrow, but doubt users will have it tested by the end of the week…. so I will have to turn it over to another developer on Friday….

John went shopping for a new radiant space heater – we had two of them, but sold one of them. We wanted to find one that was thermostatically controlled. John shopped around and found a nice one at Target for around $70.00 – I’m sure we will appreciate having it next week.

Received an email from Sweet Tomatoes for buy one, get one free. I forwarded it to John so he knew we had it – he responded back that he wanted to use it this evening…. so after work I meet him there. Had a yummy salad with sides like pizza bread, pasta salad and ice cream…. yum, yum Yum!! I checked and there is two Sweet Tomatoes in the St. Louis, MO area, but they are not close to the downtown RV park – they are out in the suburban wasteland that I don’t like to go to…. The location closest to us has really bad reviews – saying it was disgustingly dirty….. 🙁

We’ve started to make plans for our departure from Texas. Current plans is for John to get a head start with the MoHo on Friday morning with hopes of getting out of the DFW area when traffic is not all messed up. I will work until noon and then head out and meet John in Joplin, MO – a 6.5 hour drive…. Should not be too bad of a drive…

Not much else going on tonight… watching Mad Men on the DVR…. It’s ironic that it is the episode where JFK was assassinated after we went to the museum this past weekend…

Cast of Mad Men reacting to the news of President Kennedy being killed...

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