The work day went by quickly again – they are keeping me busy trying to meet development deadlines. Tomorrow should be an interesting day at work because lots of people have the day off and those remaining will be stuck working on issues they normally don’t deal with. This seems to happen every year….

John made pasta with garlic bread for supper – it was yummy!

I’m doing laundry tonight in preparation for camping at Lowden State Park. Not sure if we will make it all of the way to Oregon, IL, or if we will stop and sleep at Walmart or Flying-J…. Hope we don’t run into rain or snow this weekend – I don’t like muddy campgrounds.

I’m still working on adding “Album Art” to iTunes so the album cover is displayed on the iPod when a song is played. I have around 5000 different songs so the processing of adding the pictures for the Albums is taking a considerable amount of time – I should have it completed over the weekend (if I have an internet connection at Lowden).
John spent most of the day working with George and cleaning ceiling vent covers – he did not seem very happy about it.

Right now he is playing with the iPod.. he has not shown much interest in it before….

I looked at the usage statistics for this blog and I have had 1519 visits this month (had 1243 last month). It is fun watching the statistics go up each month.

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